Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

" SkyWatch Friday # 380 ... "

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !   
Here are my photos of these week ...
A look upwards to heaven is always fascinating ... and it pays always.
Ein Blick nach oben in den Himmel ist immer wieder fazinierend und lohnt sich immer.
Visit SkyWatch Friday for more stunning skies worldwide ... and Thank you very much for your nice comments each week again!
The photos are also my blog post for “Ein Stück Himmel” and “Himmelsk”,


rupam sarma hat gesagt…

Awesome pics.

Spare Parts and Pics hat gesagt…

Really pretty and dramatic skies. The first couple look like a tornado!!

Jim hat gesagt…

Beautiful skies.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

Small City Scenes hat gesagt…

Very beautiful and awesome. The one tail cloud looks a bit ominous.

The Solitary Writer hat gesagt…

Lovely ...which place is this??

The Solitary Writer