Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

" SkyWatch Friday # 362 ... "

~ YES ... He did it ! (my daughter´s boyfriend ) / JA ... Er ist gesprungen ! (der Freund meiner Tochter )

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !   
Here are my photos of these week ...
This time I haven't photos taken by me but some taken by my older daughter from last November.
She was together with her boyfriend 3 weeks vacation in South Africa.
My photos of this week would be so boring because it is constantly grey,windy and wet here.
So you can see some beautiful pics .
Dieses Mal zeige ich ein paar Fotos von meiner älteren Tochter  aus Südafrika ,als sie im letzten November dort im Urlaub war.
Ich könnte euch nur verregnete,graue Fotos in dieser Woche zeigen,denn das Wetter hier ist konstant mies.

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The photos are also my blog post for “Ein Stück Himmel” and “Himmelsk”,


Jim hat gesagt…

Amazing piece of architecture.

Joyful hat gesagt…

Lovely collection of photos! I for one would not be caught bungy jumping. Flat land only for me (and a few hills). Happy Skywatch Friday.

Spare Parts and Pics hat gesagt…

Looks like a really radical bungy jump! Great photos.

Klara hat gesagt…

wait a minute! you mean your daughter's boyfriend jumped from that bridge? when I saw the close up of the bridge I thought, uuuu, it looks a bit scary and than the next photo and you mention jumping. wow. brrrrrrr.... ;-)