Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

" SkyWatch Friday # 331 ... "

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !   
Here are my photos of these week ...

It´s summer here ... and we have heat with temperatures till 40°C/104°F in some parts of Germany.This isn´t my weather :-( .
Who need such temperatures till 40°C ?! Definitely not me.
Nun ist er da ... der Sommer und dann immer gleich so krass ... Wer braucht schon Temperaturen bis 40°C ?! Also, ich bestimmt nicht :-( 
Visit SkyWatch Friday for more stunning skies worldwide ... and Thank you very much for your nice comments each week again!
The photos are also my blog post for “Ein Stück Himmel” and “Himmelsk”,


Jane Hards Photography hat gesagt…

Summer skies, longs day and light nights. Happy weekend

amo sin blogg hat gesagt…

40 degrees is too hot.
Here was 30 degrees today, quite unusually for the west coast of Norway,
and that's enough for me :)

Have a nice weekend.

Anonym hat gesagt…

WHat a lovely sky!