Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

" SkyWatch Friday # 325 ... "

~ Morning mood / Morgenstimmung ~

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !   
Here are my photos of these week ...

My pictures are all taken by me today early in the morning.
We drove my older daughter and her boyfriend to the airport.They are now on the flight to Istanbul/Turkey .
Die Fotos habe ich alle heute am frühen Morgen gemacht,als wir meine ältere Tochter und ihren Freund zum Flughafen gefahren haben.
Visit SkyWatch Friday for more stunning skies worldwide ... and Thank you very much for your nice comments each week again!
The photos are also my blog post for “Ein Stück Himmel” and “Himmelsk”,


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Peaceful shots.

amo sin blogg hat gesagt…

Beautiful photos.