Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

" SkyWatch Friday # 138 ... "

crappy weather at motorway (Autobahn)

view over the Elbe river to Blankenese

Airbus in Finkenwerder

Old Elbe tunnel

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !
Here are my photos of these week ...
On Tuesday we were for a day trip away.Our trip began in the morning with really crappy weather.During the afternoon it get better.
Visit Skywatch Friday for more stunning skies worldwide ...
Have a nice weekend and of course Thank you very much for your nice comments each week again!


Pearl Maple hat gesagt…

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier. Cloudy skies make for different kind of view and photo options. Have a great weekend.

Ebie hat gesagt…

I am terrible at driving in a foggy or rainy weather! Love the light coming in at the tunnel!

Sylvia K hat gesagt…

Ah, but even crappy skies can have their own beauty and you've captured that, Steffi! These are terrific shots! Hope you have better weather for the weekend!!


EG Wow hat gesagt…

I'm sorry about the dreary weather. I hope the weather improves soon!

Light and Voices hat gesagt…

Superb tunnel shots!
Joyce M

chubskulit hat gesagt…

Beautifully captured! I love the tunnel shots.

My Skywatch, have a nice weekend!