Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

" SkyWatch Friday # 105 ... "

~ Mount Teide is the highest elevation in Spain and on the Canary islands (3718 m) ~

~ awesome sunsets ~

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !
Here are my skies of these week .

My younger daughter Nathalie is on Tenerife (Canary Islands)to a student exchange at the moment.
She sent me these photos yesterday for SWF and she enjoys there a pleasant warm temperatures .
Here in Germany we have at the moment temperatures like in a fridge!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in New Zealand at the moment in the earthquake zone. I hope my blogger friend Marja and her family is okay
because she lives exactly in the earthquake area !

For more pictures from all over the world , visit the Skywatch Friday blog .
Have a nice weekend and of course Thank you very much for your nice comments every week aga


Anonym hat gesagt…

Warm and oh so beautiful!

Robin hat gesagt…

How delightful looking, your daughter's a lucky girl!

I'll be thinking of your friend and all the others in Christchurch. Please do let us know once you hear from her.

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EG Wow hat gesagt…

You made me smile when you likened your current temperature to a fridge. I can relate to that! These are lovely photos from a warmer climate. :)

clairz hat gesagt…

What a beautiful place. I've never been there, but it looks like a wonderful place to visit.

I, too, have had the people of New Zealand on my mind.

Pearl Maple hat gesagt…

Beautiful place to visit, thanks for sharing with SWF fans

Sylvia K hat gesagt…

What a beautiful place and how terrific your daughter is getting to enjoy it!! I love it!! Marvelous captures, gorgeous skies! Hope both of you have a great weekend, Steffi! Enjoy!


Regina hat gesagt…

Wow beautiful skies and place!
Your daughter is good.

Thank you for sharing Steffi.
Happy SWF.

Gabriela Abalo hat gesagt…

Nice shots!!

thanks for visiting my place

Cheers from Uruguay :)

Hildred and Charles hat gesagt…

Your daughter has some lovely pictures there, - I love the name 'Canary Island' - so many nice names get changed, for one reason or another. Whatever, a rose by any other name, - it looks very beautiful.

 gmirage hat gesagt…

Wir haben auch bis -5° brrrr!

cielo hermoso!

Dharma Shots hat gesagt…

Majestic view of that mountain!

Eaglesbrother hat gesagt…

Great warming shots.
Does your daughter Rub it about her warm temperatures?
Be aptient..Spring is just around the corner.

Anonym hat gesagt…

gorgeous images. i want to go there :)

eden hat gesagt…

What a beautiful place! Love all the photos. Your daughter took good pictures. Thank you for sharing

Andrea hat gesagt…

Hi i'm new here, yes those skies are beautiful, but what is most enchanting for me is the snowcapped mountain. The first time i saw one in Turkey i can't get off my eyes from it, of course we dont have snow here in the tropics.

Kim, USA hat gesagt…

Beautiful photos. I also hope your friend in NZ are fine. Happy weekend!
Full Moon

sublime wanderer hat gesagt…

I suddenly miss Spain with those photos taken by your daughter. I know she's having a great time there now. Thank you for visiting my blog Steffi. =)

forgetmenot hat gesagt…

All nice shots, but I love the sunset. Nice work. Mickie

syel hat gesagt…

that's so sweet of your daughter to share the fantastic views. and yes, prayers to those in NZ.

Tausendschön hat gesagt…

B E E I N D R U C K E N D!!!!
danke liebste steffi
silke :-)

Arija hat gesagt…

Your daughter's photos are lovely. I like the contrast between the snow clad mountains and the tropical palms and sunset.