Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

" SkyWatch Friday # 99 ... "

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !

Here are my skies of these week .

The pictures I have shot last weekend . Finally is the whole snow melted and now we waiting for spring ...Finally is the whole snow melted and now we waiting for spring ... Okay it is just middle of january and that´s why we must still waiting awhile till spring.


For more pictures from all over the world , visit the Skywatch Friday blog .
Have a nice weekend and of course Thank you very much for your nice comments every week again !


Eric hat gesagt…

I really love the shot with the moon, allmost creepy, well done!!

Happy SWF

Greetings from Holland!

Robin hat gesagt…

I love that first shot, very atmospheric.

Enjoy the melting snow, hopefully you'll soon get some warmer temperatures to go with it!

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Sylvia K hat gesagt…

Terrific captures as always, Steffi, and I do know what you mean about being SO ready for spring! I'm not sure our snow is gone for good! To be sure the rain and gray skies have not left!! Hope you have a great weekend with some sunshine! Stay warm!

Sylvia hat gesagt…


EG Wow hat gesagt…

Spring already?! I have to wait till the end of March! Good thing I don't mind winter...not this early in the year anyway. :)

eden hat gesagt…

Beautiful sky photos and my favourite is the moon.

Karen hat gesagt…

Great moon shot.

Biqque hat gesagt…

the moon, awesome!

Marja hat gesagt…

Great pictures I love the one with the moon