Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

" SkyWatch Friday # 89 ... "

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !
Here are my skies of these week .

Just grey skies , wind and rain here at this week ... and sh...t weather!
Okay... it´s November and autumn!

For more pictures from all over the world , visit the Skywatch Friday blog.Have a nice weekend and of course Thank you very much for your nice comments every week again !


Sylvia K hat gesagt…

Terrific captures, Steffi! Looks as though you ended up with some rain -- ours is due tomorrow and I do so agree with you! But I've enjoyed the sun while it's been shining! Love your fall colors! Have a lovely weekend -- stay dry!


EG Wow hat gesagt…

rainy days are quite common here in November too!

Y. Ikeda hat gesagt…

I like the last photography that captured droplets.
Have a nice day.

Coffeeveggie addict. hat gesagt…

Nice captures especially the fall.enj0y the weather!

ladyfi hat gesagt…

What a delightful blue bench!

Kim, USA hat gesagt…

You capture the moment really well. Great shot! Happy weekend!
My skies

Marja hat gesagt…

Looks wet overthere Here it is suddenly wet and cold as well Supposed to be nearly summer

Ebie hat gesagt…

Looks like a very typical autumn weather, grey skies and fallen leaves!

Love your bags on your other post.