Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

" SkyWatch Friday # 78 ... "

Happy Skywatch Friday everyone !

Here are my photos of skies of this week .

It´s always a nice and fascinating experience to see ( for me ) the cruiseliner " Queen Mary 2 ". The cruiseliner ( came from New York ) was on Monday at the port Hamburg to pick up new passengers on the way to the North Cape (Norway).

And we could see a big Hot Air balloon over our garden.


More beautiful skies of participants worldwide you can watch at the Skywatch Friday blog . Have a nice weekend and of course Thank you very much for your nice comments every week again !


Luke Wiley hat gesagt…

That balloon would have a great view!

EG Wow hat gesagt…

The Queen Mary II certainly is an impressive sight!

Sylvia K hat gesagt…

Ah, some of my favorite things -- cruise ships, balloons and beautiful skies! You've covered them all today, Steffi! Terrific post for day! Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!


webruci hat gesagt…

nice photos, i wouldn't mind being on an hot air ballon or the cruze

Eaglesbrother hat gesagt…

Queen Mary is an impressive ship sitting there in the the balloon shots.

Carol hat gesagt…

Great photos! The Queen Mary II is wonderful to see lit up like that. And I like that you caught the moon also. Always nice to see hot air balloons.